Michael Lazerow

We know that brands typically reach just 16 percent of the fan base they have worked so hard to build, but our tips for engagement and explanation of Facebook’s ad suite should help you broaden your reach and increase engagement. 1) Expanding Your Facebook Reach: While Facebook has never officially divulged exactly how to increase reach—though it did release an ad product, Reach Generator—there are several tactics known to work.

Facebook’s ad revenue has grown steadily since the social giant first launched paid ads five years ago. Marketers in the space have 15 unique targeting criteria, some with sub-criteria and additional options, plus the opportunity (and responsibility) to keep ads fresh and engaging with creative graphics and copy. How can marketers best cut the learning curve and take advantage of the growing opportunities in Facebook paid ads?

With new social media sites popping up at every turn, how can companies choose the most effective ways to leverage social media and the right applications for their particular company? Keeping abreast of social media and it’s perpetually changing rules and applications has opened a new field for social media, IT and journalism savvy designers who are capitalizing on this growing niche.

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