Michael Aronowitz

With Paul Barbagallo Direct marketing veteran Michael Aronowitz was named executive director of the Association for Interactive Marketing (AIM) in late August, the Internet-focused subsidiary of the Direct Marketing Association (DMA). Aronowitz began his career with Concepts in Color, a post-production facility for direct mail catalogs and in-store circulars. In 1990, he founded his own direct mail agency, Zmicheals, which helped catalogers with graphic design. In 1998, he spun off www.saleoutlet.com, a provider of interactive marketing products for retailers such as Wal-Mart, Woolworth's and Family Dollar. In 2002, Aronowitz joined Monster Worldwide, where he was responsible for the directional interactive arm of

Edited by Brendan Maher SaleOutlet.com saw a problem—too many ditched shopping carts. How did it bring down the number of abandoned carts by 32 percent and bring sales up an by an almost inconceivable 311 percent? By making the right offer (be it a percentage off or free shipping) at the right time (just before the cart gets abandoned), SaleOutlet.com turned those carts into sales. With the help of Manna's personalization software, FrontMind, the data warehouse is accessed to determine the types of customers that are likely to abandon their carts. If, for instance, the customer fits a model that has a high

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