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Introduction At a not-so-long-ago List Vision event held by the Direct Marketing Association (DMA), I remember hearing either Don Mokrynski or Mal McCluskey state that the number of datacards had practically tripled in recent years. The result: An overwhelming job for brokers trying to make sense of the prospecting opportunities for clients. While I understand the difficulty such datacard proliferation presents to brokers and mailers, it also represents a step forward in the list industry recognizing a need for more segmented and digestible list files. And that diversity is showing up all over the list business. This special report details the immense work

By Hallie Mummert The challenge of finding quality lists to rent has changed quite a bit in the last year or two. Some marketers have seen their best-performing prospecting lists cool off, while lists that were marginal at best are now hot. And with fewer new files coming on to the market, says Pam Mulligan, vice president, list management, at MKTG Services, a full-service list firm in Newtown Square, Pa., marketers are forced to dig deeper into the names already available for rent to unearth warmer prospects. Marketers want more than just a list these days, said Diane Tancredi, when she spoke in

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