Max Sackheim

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"Success in direct mail," wrote the legendary guru Ed Mayer many years ago, "is 40 percent lists, 
40 percent offer and 20 percent everything else." On the Internet, lists count the least. Names are so cheap, you can blitz the world practically for free.

Every direct marketing entrepreneur, manager, copywriter and consultant—even before the days of Claude Hopkins, J.K. Lasser, John Caples and Max Sackheim—had their own rules, "secrets" or "discovered truths." Dick Benson tested, modified and codified those rules that applied specifically to direct mail, especially in publishing, making them his own, and added others that came out of his client work and newsletter business. So, how do these hold up today?

As a copywriter, I'm often asked which headline techniques work best for getting an envelope opened or a landing page read. Because the importance of the headline can't be overstated, it's not surprising this subject has been explored endlessly.

President of Alan Rosenspan & Associates, Alan and his teams have won more than 100 awards for creativity and results, including 18 DMA Echo Awards. He has also been a judge of the Echoes, the Caples, the European Direct Marketing Association (EDMA) Best of Europe Awards and the international judge of the RSVP Awards in New Zealand. Rosenspan is the creator of the "Creative Strategy" course for the Direct Marketing Association, and has led seminars and workshops in 18 different countries, as well as for dozens of corporate clients and associations. He also has been a direct marketing instructor at Bentley College for the

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