Maureen Kassner

With over 20 years of online experience Robin Neifield serves as the CEO of Netplus, a top interactive agency, and as the trusted digital guide for CMOs. She has been widely published and quoted on digital strategy and has been a frequent speaker and panelist at industry events like Search Engine Strategies, OMMA, Ad:Tech and others where her insights are sought on varied marketing topics such as digital strategy, behavioral targeting, social media marketing, search engine and conversion optimization, localization strategies and proximity marketing, mobile gaming and email marketing. You can find her on LinkedIn, or reach her by email or phone, (610) 304-9990.


When your brand is online, it is in jeopardy. Competitors may use your brand terms in keyword searches, pirate your slogans or unfairly label their goods with your brand. There are roughly a million ways for the unscrupulous to abuse your brand, and only one way for you to protect it — diligence.

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