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Think of it! reported that ”The world’s top 100 marketers spent $97.8 billion in global media in 2006.” That’s more money than the GDP of Egypt! The asterisk in the story is a stopper, too: “Figures exclude Ad Age’s estimates of U.S. unmeasured marketing.” After 45 years in direct marketing—where return on investment (ROI) is measured down to a gnat’s eyebrow—the term “unmeasured marketing” makes me gag. General agencies are in the business of unmeasured marketing. They splatter gobs of paint on the wall and hope some of it sticks. Measured marketing—direct marketing—is like a game of paintball where you fire the

“Database marketing is officially sexy,” gushed researcher Julie Katz on April 11, 2007 in Forrester’s Marketing Blog in response to the announcement that Procter & Gamble’s Elva Lewis has conned her management into testing the database marketing waters. “The boat’s setting sail, and we have one foot on the dock and one on the boat,” Lewis told’s Matthew Creamer. “If you listen to A.G. Lafley or Jim Stengel, they’re all talking about the declining return on investment in TV. This trend tells us that we should go to one-to-one marketing. We just haven’t put our money where our mouth is.” If you listen

Is it smart to dump all over your customers? Oct. 27, 2005: Vol. 1, Issue No. 43 IN THE NEWS AirTran Airways says it may stop serving Anheuser-Busch Cos. products on its flights to protest a radio ad for Bud Lite that ridicules discount airlines and their pilots. --Scott McCartney "Discount Air Carrier May Bump Bud Lite Over Air-Safety Joke" The Wall Street Journal, Oct. 24, 2005 What follows is the script of a radio commercial for Bud Lite that the discount airlines objected to. Bud Lite Presents Real Men of Genius Today we salute

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