Mason Geller

A poorly designed order form can kill sales just as surely as a long checkout line. Following are a few tips to make your order device more user friendly: - Clearly state the price and associated costs (e.g., shipping and handling, taxes). - Leave enough room for people to write their names and addresses. Remember, some names and addresses are much longer than others. - Ask for e-mail addresses, and remember some of them are long, too. - Clearly state where to send the order form. - Include a source code. -Lois K. Geller, president of Mason & Geller Direct Marketing

by Katie Haegele The Internet is no longer new media. You know you've got to use it to its fullest potential. Online initiatives, such as affiliate marketing and breeding loyalty through dynamic and compelling content, represent some of the best ways to capture and keep the attention of Internet users. Friends in High Places Researchers at Forrester believe that by 2003 the affiliate market will be worth $12 billion. Also called "pay-for-performance" advertising, affiliate marketing is eclipsing banner advertising as the new way to exploit the Web's inherent tracking capabilities. There's safety in numbers. Forming smart partnerships could well be the wave

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