Marty Davidson

A direct mail package offering a publication or information-based product is most persuasive when it's infused with the publication's look, feel and content. Magalog formats combine editorial snippets with marketing tactics and mimic a magazine's or newsletter's layout to convert potential subscribers.

By Hallie Mummert I remember the first time I met Ed McLean. We were at the launch of Denny Hatch's Direct Mail Package Days, a two-day seminar devoted to nothing but direct mail and the incomparable people who breathe life into their clients' products and services. Being only 23 at the time, I was greatly intimidated by these direct mail stars—Marty Davidson, Barbara Harrison, Ted Kikoler, Herschell Gordon Lewis and, of course, McLean—and yet still didn't fully realize that I was in the presence of greatness. I would love to say that McLean put me at ease right away, but that wasn't his

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