Martine Reardon

Heather Fletcher is senior content editor with Target Marketing.

Logically, women could be the hiring managers for the highest executive position in the country. Considering women compose the majority of the population, chances are these voters won’t make Hillary Clinton go searching in the men’s restroom for the position’s description — as Lara Shackelford, CMO of Altify, had to do for one of her first marketing leadership positions.

Back in 2006, Ad Age published a sobering statistic: The average tenure of chief marketing officers was a troublingly short 23 months. The latest figure, released last week from executive-search firm Spencer Stuart, shows a radically different picture—CMOs are sticking around an average of 45 months. So what's behind nearly a doubling of CMO tenure during a time frame in which the job has only gotten tougher due to recession, a still-shaky economy and upheaval in adland as digital, social and data management reshape the marketing landscape? The answers: a recession, a still-shaky economy and upheaval

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