Martin Beck

Heather Fletcher is senior content editor with Target Marketing.

What news reports are saying about Facebook testing in-network content from The New York Times, BuzzFeed and National Geographic is social media users won't have to exit Facebook to read the content they're already sharing. What the reports aren't saying is what marketers may see next: Marketers paying for the privilege of using publishers' credibility with readers to get their messages and calls to action seen and acted upon, in terms of conversions. For instance, on Tuesday in Marketing Land, Martin Beck writes about The New York Times story about the Facebook testing that may begin within months.

New, ad-free Facebook competitor Ello is seemingly being greeted with skepticism by marketing insiders, mainly because Google+ couldn't usurp Facebook, niche sites didn't displace it and users' privacy concerns aren't stopping "1.32 billion monthly active users as of June 30, 2014" from networking there. These criticisms aren't stopping Ello from having "tens of thousands of people on a growing waiting list" who want to join the invitation-only site, still in beta, that is so new it has a privacy policy dated June 20, 2014.

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