Martha Rogers

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Denny Hatch wrote a Famous Last Words column called "One-to-One Marketing and the 'Shot Heard 'Round the World.'" That was in the June 2001 issue of Target Marketing. By that time, the one-to-one ideas had been articulated in the seminal 1993 book "The One to One Future" by Don Peppers and Martha Rogers, Ph.D., and they formed the basis of the Peppers&Rogers Group's consulting.

Fairfield, Conn. is a classic bedroom community, with a large concentration of businesspeople who commute five days a week into New York. On Saturdays, however, downtown Fairfield is very crowded with shoppers, and it’s often difficult to find a parking spot. So a few years ago, a local bank began offering free parking. Just come into the bank for any transaction on Saturday morning and you can park in the bank’s lot for two hours without charge. One Saturday, an executive parked in the bank’s lot, ran a couple of errands and did a bit of shopping, then 90 minutes

It's as if marketing experts have been fooling around in the chemistry lab, mixing up potions to try to figure out what strategies will work best. And it seems as though they've discovered the future: integrated, customer-
centric marketing.

Pegg Nadler loves the unknown. Where others see challenges, she sees opportunities. Where others fear change, she fears boredom. These are some of the qualities that have driven her 30-year direct marketing career, the bulk of which she's spent advancing database marketing operations at commercial and nonprofit organizations and giving back to the direct marketing community. And they're why she's Target Marketing magazine's Direct Marketer of the Year.

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