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I was upset to learn that a good friend of mine is no longer speaking with his sister because of an argument over President Trump. He could no longer abide that she, like many members of the president’s “base,” continued to defend the President. How did we get to the place where families are being torn apart over politics? Look no further than where people get their news.

Marketing a message in the digital era requires fluency in a variety of new and emerging media. "Video has won out as the medium for marketing," according to Americhip President Kevin Clegg, but delivering it to your target market can be tricky. One solution that's gaining popularity is the use of ultra-thin LCD screens to deliver video in print publications.

For some reason, we don’t get Fox Movies on DIRECTV, so I have never seen the “Fox Legacy” series. But when I read about Fox Filmed Entertainment Chairman Tom Rothman making a name for himself as host of that series—acquiring a cult following and a ton of fan mail, including a note from Steven Spielberg—I chuckled to myself. In a world of simply terrible presenters and speechmakers, it’s a delight to come across someone that is really good. The Myth of PowerPoint The 10th issue of this e-zine, back in July 2005, was titled, “Power Corrupts, PowerPoint Corrupts Absolutely”—a quote by Edward Tufte,

Spend Time on It, and You Can Change Your Life Jan. 19, 2006: Vol. 2, Issue No. 5 IN THE NEWS More Jobs Being Found Online, but That Doesn't Mean It's Easy One of the first things Brooke Christiansen did as college graduation neared last spring was post her résumé on three of the largest Internet job boards: Monster, CareerBuilder and HotJobs. For the most part, she said, it was an exercise in frustration. —Barbara Whitaker, The New York Times, Jan. 15, 2006 Cover Letters Get You In the Door, So Be Sure Not to Dash Them Off A great cover letter is

Use data-driven personalization to create more intimate customer communications. By Michael D. Nelson There's a good deal of talk about personalization in direct marketing, made possible by the convergence of data intelligence and digital communications technology. We now have the ability to personalize Web pages, direct mail and e-mail to individuals, but does that capability translate to increased response rates and more intimate customer communications? Or is it just more marketing gimmickry? It depends on how you define personalization. According to Webster's Dictionary, personalization means: "to have printed, engraved or monogrammed with one's name or initials." If this is what we're doing—dropping names on

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