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A blog that challenges B-to-B marketers to learn, share, question, and focus on getting it right—the first time. Carolyn Goodman is President/Creative Director of Goodman Marketing Partners. An award-winning creative director, writer and in-demand speaker, Carolyn has spent her 30-year career helping both B-to-B and B-to-C clients cut through business challenges in order to deliver strategically sound, creatively brilliant marketing solutions that deliver on program objectives. To keep her mind sharp, Carolyn can be found most evenings in the boxing ring, practicing various combinations. You can find her at the Goodman Marketing website, on LinkedIn, or on Twitter @CarolynGoodman.

Heather Fletcher is senior content editor with Target Marketing.

Humanity and empathy are codified as the most important traits in a great CMO, according to Marketing Week’s new study on the “Anatomy of a Leader.” CMOs are returning to being big picture-thinkers, assembling a team of marketers who can handle the more metrics-driven functions of the profession

I am regularly asked for help with a social media challenge, an email campaign that needs a boost or a digital campaign that needs an overhaul. And every single time, I ask that the client step back and share the marketing strategy with me, so I can prepare an appropriate recommendation. More often than not, I get a blank stare.

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