Mark Krolick

Heather Fletcher is senior content editor with Target Marketing.

It's a dream that United Airline's loyalty program can make real, says the message on the poster that's whiter than the clouds: "MileagePlus ranks No. 1 in award seat availability among U.S. global carriers." But what's unusual about this poster is there's no overt call to action, no trackable URL—nothing but the brand message. This is unusual because before summer 2010, when brand entered into the marketing mix, MileagePlus was purely direct marketed, says Mark Krolick, managing director of MileagePlus at Chicago-based United Airlines.

The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) honored two recipients with its 2012 Marketer of the Year Award at a ceremony held during DMA2012 in Las Vegas. “Each of these distinguished companies has demonstrated exceptional leadership, innovation, and marketplace success,” said Linda A. Woolley, DMA’s acting president and CEO. “We are proud to honor their significant accomplishments and contributions to the field of data-driven marketing. Both companies have been exceptional in establishing a personal relationship with their customer and leading the way on customer centricity. They are shining examples of how—when consumer data is used responsibly—customers are delighted and satisfied.”

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