Mark Johnson

Heather Fletcher is senior content editor with Target Marketing.

More than half of marketers anticipate the budget allocated to content marketing will grow in the next fiscal year, according to research released by Loyalty360. The study also shows accurately capturing the value content provides an organization and keeping up with consumers’ expectations for content are challenges reported by more than one-third of marketers. “In many of the conversations our association is having with brands about their content marketing, we are hearing that creating and executing on a successful content strategy is a challenge. Monetizing content is becoming a big priority, but a big hurdle,” says Mark Johnson, CEO

Plug the words "Mayo Clinic" into any search engine and thousands of news results pull up. Most of them concern medical breakthroughs, and all are dated within the past month.

The famous, oversize, in-line package from Mayo Clinic Health Letter, keyed by editorial premiums and long, benefit-filled copy, is the most successful subscription piece ever written—it's sold 4 million subscriptions since debuting in 1995—for a monthly periodical. Mark Johnson, the Carlisle, Pa.-based copywriter behind this control, describes a few reasons why this effort is withstanding the test of time:

You want to beat your current control package. You hire a copywriter to take a crack at coming up with a stronger effort. Great, right? Sure, if you help the copywriter help you by providing the details that make the difference between a so-so mailing and a control beater. What are these details? A few copywriters outline the basic information they prefer to know before starting a direct mail project. The Starting Point The starting place for copywriters may differ slightly, but eventually all roads lead to the same spot... which is the audience. Freelance copywriter Pat Friesen asks

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