Mark Hallen

In preparation for an annual off-site meeting with a major client, my consulting firm developed a checklist for relationship marketing program with copywriter Mark Hallen. Here are several ideas we came up with to use as benchmarks when assessing program performance and opportunities for improved results.

To hold onto customers, whether they’re brand-new or have been interacting with your company for years, consider the following three tips from direct marketing consultant Lee Marc Stein and copywriter Mark Hallen. They were recently featured in Stein’s e-mail newsletter, Increasing Return on Marketing Dollars, along with 18 more ideas for improving customer retention through relationship marketing programs. 1. Unexpected perks do more than expected ones. Stein and Hallen advise marketers to position added-value elements carefully. For example, a software company might send an upgrade effort to its installed base, offering “30 days FREE support” to respondents. That perk might draw a few extra

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