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With happiness being the inverse of anger, intense levels of online vitriol were solved with discounted candy bars. So begins one of the least boring stories about data ever — when Snickers and agency Clemenger BBDO Melbourne in Australia teamed up to create a social media “Hungerithm” that resulted in discounted Snickers bars, which spread to the post-election U.S.

Their work can be all about them Nov. 8, 2005: Vol. 1, Issue No. 46 IN THE NEWS The Book on a Graphics Superhero Mr. Kidd's home is more like a very expensive toy store. It reflects the same graphic punch seen in his book covers, which helped transform the American book jacket from a decorative bit of packaging into a striking evocation of the writing it contained. Its items are arranged like a pocket shrine, as much a carefully curated archive of Mr. Kidd's obsessions and evolving eye as his new book, "Chip Kidd, Book One: Work: 1986-2006," published this month by Rizzoli.

You're David Oreck. You manufacture and sell the best, lightest, most rugged and efficient vacuum cleaner ever designed. It is in use by more than 50,000 hotels worldwide—from the elegant Windsor Court in New Orleans to the Holiday Inn in Seattle. It's a truly great product; every home and office in America should have one. Your message to the consumer: Take the Oreck challenge. Send for my Oreck-XL for a 15-day free trial. When it arrives, clean all your rugs and carpets with your current vacuum cleaner. Then go over them again with my Oreck-XL, look in the bag and

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