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Heather Fletcher is senior content editor with Target Marketing.

In the course of searching for the marketer of the year, we came across many remarkable marketers. These are the people who recognize the opportunities in their changing industries, and put the plans and processes in place so their companies can take advantage of them. Whether it’s recognizing a brand opportunity, bringing structure to chaos or finding ways to help their teams do more with less, every company can learn from their efforts.

Trends in B-to-B email marketing show that the channel aiming to communicate with this specific audience is perhaps one of the most integrated, current ones around. Plus, the communication flow is circular.

Today's best marketers are factoring social interactions into their lead scoring methodology. Why? Because these online conversations often indicate signs of sales-ready behavior, allowing marketers to get the right leads to sales, and potentially beating out competition that's relying on traditional lead scoring—or no lead scoring at all

B-to-B marketing boils down to one all-important fact: It’s all about creating relationships. Today’s demand generation has created a long cycle in online lead nurturing.  From first click to sealing the deal, trust and rapport are critical to the sales process. The influence of social media is a cornerstone to opening the door to new leads and bolstering existing ones.  When you leverage the power of a positive reputation, you build your prospects’ confidence. Colleagues and customers who can vouch for your quality of service and be a source of leads expand your credibility,

Marketo has examined the social media usage of revenue-focused B-to-B marketers using social media, and discovered eight keys to using this new medium in B-to-B marketing.

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