Marc Zazeela

Jeff Molander is the authority on making social media sell. He co-founded what became the Google Affiliate Network and Performics Inc., where he built the sales team. Today, he is the authority on effective prospecting communications techniques as founder of Communications Edge Inc. (formerly Molander & Associates Inc.) He's been in sales for over 2 decades. He is author of the first social selling book, Off the Hook Marketing: How to Make Social Media Sell for You.Jeff is a sales communications coach and creator of the Spark Selling technique—a means to spark more conversations with customers "from cold," speeding them toward qualification.

From cold calling and cold emails to follow-up communications techniques ... and responding to clients who open the door, most sales reps are practicing "best practices" that are, in reality, the worst. But they keep on keepin' on. Are you sabotaging yourself by copying what most sellers do? If yes, I'm not here to blame you. Because the truth is you probably don't know of the below options.

The automation of fake sincerity destroys your credibility. Can we agree on that? Whether you're dating or trying to influence a new customer, fake sincerity is deadly stuff. Yet mainstream social selling (marketing) software roars forward — violating LinkedIn's terms and conditions, and every ounce of what Dale Carnegie taught us about winning friends and influencing people.

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