Marc S. Pritchard

Heather Fletcher is senior content editor with Target Marketing.

Even pessimistic marketing thought leaders believe more than 100 million viewers caught the Super Bowl ads. For marketers like SunTrust Banks and Mercedes-Benz, it’s been the best place to announce initiatives that can then live on other marketing channels.

Brands must take a stand on societal issues, because consumers now expect it, says Marc S. Pritchard, chief brand officer at Procter & Gamble. Considering the words from the public face of the largest advertiser had a sweeping effect last year on digital marketing — directing brands, agencies and vendors alike to clean up their acts — some marketers may see his latest comments as a call to action.

Influencer marketing was big for brands in 2017, and will most likely continue to grow in 2018. But how about the brands with marketing influencers? They exist, and they’re impacting marketing every day. Some influenced marketers so much in 2017, we made a list.

Another blue-chip brand is turning to what was once called blue language to help stand out in a cluttered advertising landscape. In this instance, the brand is Adobe, which in a campaign getting under way this week seeks to support efforts by marketers to prove to their bosses that spending on advertising is not a waste of money. The campaign portrays products like Adobe Analytics, Adobe Media Optimizer and Adobe Social as valuable tools for marketing executive

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