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Social commentary about ads alone topped the entire 2011 Academy Awards. 1. Bluefin Labs has so far tracked more than 12.2 million social-media comments during and after Super Bowl XLVI, primarily on Twitter and Facebook. That's a 578 percent increase over the total Bluefin tracked last year (1.8 million). 2. Twitter, via its official @twitter account, said the final three minutes of the Super Bowl helped push total tweet volume up to an average of 10,000 tweets per second. 3. We have a new social-TV high-water mark. "Last night's Super Bowl is the biggest social-TV event we've ever recorded."

In the immortal words of The Wall Street Journal’s Laura Landro, written last Friday about her long weekend at the George V Hotel in Paris: Of course, you pay dearly: Even taking into account the strong euro, prices at the George V, like other luxury hotels, are stratospheric. Internet access, at $32 for 24 hours, feels like highway robbery. And when a club sandwich, small shrimp salad and a couple of Coke Lites come to $157, you know you aren’t in Kansas anymore. Where the British pound equals $2, the euro is a paltry buck and a half. Dinner in Germany and Austria was

Some hope for the world's worst business model Vol. 1, Issue No. 38 IN THE NEWS SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 5--Kepler's Books and Magazines, an independent bookstore and Silicon Valley institution that went out of business Aug. 31, plans to reopen Saturday thanks to investment from area residents and executives. The bookstore, in Menlo Park, Calif., near Stanford University, opened in 1955, and became known for its broad selection of literature and periodicals and its regular author readings. But it was undone, like some other independent booksellers, by chain bookstores and Internet sales, said Anne Banta, new chief marketing officer for Kepler's.

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