Lori Fletcher

By Ken Schneider Let's talk about playing it safe. And why you shouldn't. As I look at what's being mailed these days, I've noticed a palpable disinclination to venture beyond the well-worn paths of past experiences. I'm talking about not wanting to try bold new ideas and concepts. ... Not swinging for the fences, but rather settling for a single—or worse, a base on balls. Example: A copywriting colleague of mine told me about a circulation manager who thought she was playing it safe by deleting all words from the writer's copy that she felt "weren't needed." Transition words like "so," "plus,"

By Hallie Mummert Rare is the word that comes to mind when you hear that a client retains both the original copywriter and designer of a control effort to not only perform every tweak—save cover images—but to develop all the new test creative that tries to beat the control. But that's exactly what The Economist, a weekly magazine that serves up international and business news with a global view, has done. For the past five years, copywriter Lori Fletcher and designer Jo Fox have updated, revised and tested against their own magalog—which was produced in two weeks flat, as Fletcher recalls.

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