Lon Safko

Heather Fletcher is senior content editor with Target Marketing.

LinkedIn is under considerable pressure from Google+ and Facebook. It is ranked third by eBizMBA after Facebook and Twitter. "LinkedIn is facing the two biggest problems that all social networks face, competition for eyes and how to monetize," said social media entrepreneur Lon Safko. … LinkedIn took the first step toward opening up its walled garden with the introduction on Tuesday of the ability for members to follow any of a panel of the 150 most influential thought leaders on its network. These super-influencers include President Obama, Mitt Romney, motivational speaker Tony Robbins, British mogul and daredevil Richard Branson and

Marketers are always interested in demystifying the mysterious route consumers take to purchase. What did they look at? Why? What did it say? Melted down to a science, it's called attributing conversions in the sales funnel. And two marketing professionals believe they understand it and can explain it to marketers.

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