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How Getty Images Takes Full Advantage of the Promise of the Internet By Lisa Yorgey Lester A picture can convey a meaning or thought without a single word spoken or written. Add the ability to transfer digital images around the world via the Internet, and the result is a product that crosses borders, transcends language barriers, and is ideal for global e-commerce. Getty Images, a Seattle-based imagery company, is taking full advantage of the global reach of the Internet. Founded by Mark Getty and Jonathan Klein in 1995, Getty Images creates, preserves and markets still and moving images for use in multiple media—including

By Lisa Yorgey Lester A list exchange is an agreement between two mailers to make their lists available to each other on an even trade basis, rather than charging the usual rental fee. A mailer may consider such an arrangement if it's getting a good response on a list, but the cost of the list is not efficient, or a mailer with a similar audience or with whom you share an affinity doesn't make its list available for rent. For these reasons, list exchanges are frequently used by non-profit organizations for donor acquisition. Here, Margaret Guellich, a certified fund-raising executive who has worked for

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