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What’s the state of customer service in America? Given all the attention this topic generates in a consumer-driven marketplace, you probably don’t need to read the following statistics—but to make a point, we’re going to tell you anyway. Consider that: • A March 2006 study released by JupiterResearch reported that more than half of online consumers are taking their business to other merchants or service providers because of poor online service. Ouch! • The Customer Care Call Center Survey, research conducted over the course of 2005 by Ernan Roman Direct Marketing and based on the feedback of a few hundred direct marketing

Not all call center reports are created equal. While many service bureaus will issue standard metrics outlining volume and costs, the true measures of an inbound call program require more detailed reporting. "If you're getting a stack of reports a mile high and still don't know what's going on, there's something wrong with your reporting system," says Geri Gantman, senior partner at R.H. Oetting & Associates, a customer contact consultancy in River Edge, NJ. Go beyond traditional metrics with the following four call center reports. Report No. 1: Calls by Type This report lists all calls by type, Gantman explains, including details such

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