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The good news: Insert media continues to blossom, with new programs being announced regularly. The could-be-better news: The channel still needs more players, both advertisers and program owners. While this medium has seen significant expansion in recent years, everyone with a stake in its success is clamoring for more. More large programs. More variety in advertisers and offers. To identify a few of the main challenges and opportunities in the insert media arena, Target Marketing called on two leading experts: Leon Henry, chairman and CEO of Leon Henry Inc., and Lisa Roland, president of Everyday Media. They shared their thoughts on how marketers can leverage

By Noelle Skodzinski If you tested one insert program a day, it would take you four years and counting to test them all. "There are more than 1,500 insert programs available today," says Leon Henry, chairman/CEO of Leon Henry Inc., a 50-year-old insert and list management and brokerage firm. "And there will be more." The insert field received additional attention when it augmented its popularity, at least in industry press, with the renaming of the Direct Marketing Association's (DMA) Alternate Response Media Council to the Insert Media Council, which held its first-ever Insert Media Day in the fall of 2003. "It's

By Alicia Orr Suman Spring 1978. The first issue of ZIP magazine hit the mail. And on the cover of that predecessor to this magazine were the faces of men and women—"Some Leaders in the Direct Marketing Field," stated the headline. The features listed in the Table of Contents of that premier issue (right) have an eerie resemblance to the subjects we now cover 25 years later: • What Is the Future of the Postal Service? • Personal Privacy in an Information Society • Facsimile Machines, For the Office of the Future • Computer Networks: The New Information Robots • Alternate Delivery: Post-Mortem for

Mailers are having success with package Inserts, co-ops, Blow-ins and statement stuffers—they'd just rather not talk about it By Alicia Orr The title for this piece came from a conversation I had with Leon Henry during the Annual Catalog Conference in Boston last June. "You know," said Henry, chairman of Leon Henry Inc., "inserts fly below the radar screen. We're quite a large industry if you'd take the time to look. We're a factor and no one knows it." So I accepted Henry's challenge and decided to tackle this story. No easy task. It's difficult, if not impossible, to accurately quantify the size of

How do you beat the high cost of solo mail? Leon Henry, chairman, CEO and founder of Leon Henry Inc., has an answer: He calls it Alternative Print Media. Those are the offers you find in your merchandise shipment from a catalog company (package inserts)... multi-offers in fat envelopes (co-ops)... catalog bind-ins and blow-ins... free-standing inserts in your Sunday newspaper (FSIs)... extraneous pieces in outgoing direct mail (ride-alongs)... statement stuffers... card decks... supermarket take-ones... even offers on airline ticket jackets. The late guru Dick Benson once said: Think of alternative media, co-ops, and FSIs as short-copy media. Consultant Bob Doscher says: Think of

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