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Taylor Knight is an associate content editor for Target Marketing and Total Retail. She enjoys writing and creating video content to interact with an audience.

It seems email inboxes are taking over everyone’s lives, and the majority of marketers and consumers believe it’s here to stay. In a survey conducted by Litmus located in Cambridge, Mass., 70 percent of marketers surveyed said they believe email will still exist 10 years from now. More marketers believe in the longevity of email over Facebook and cable television (both coming in at 67 percent).

All signs point to the uninterrupted growth of mobile as both the new platform and channel that will dominate marketing while acting as a springboard for deeper customer interactions. Mobile is no longer an "emerging channel" but part of the everyday parlance that brands and marketers have to engage in and understand to remain relevant.

An email blast is a thing of the past. Marketers must embrace today’s marketing requirements that involve a shift away from generic email marketing, and a move to dynamic, personalized messaging that will engage customers and boost results. Email provides marketers with an easy, low-cost opportunity to connect with consumers, yet this channel can often cause a rift in the customer relationship if not targeted toward individual behaviors and needs. While email lends itself to frequent conversations, irrelevant messaging undermines the potential for dialogue by alienating the customers before they fully engage.

In my previous column—"Are You Ready for a Mobile Subscriber Base?"—I relayed several mobile research statistics that make the case why email marketers can no longer ignore designing and optimizing their emails for a growing mobile subscriber base. I also outlined some implications of these statistics and high-level tips, such as taking a mobile-first approach and designing for touchscreens navigated by fingers. Now, I'm tapping the know-how of my four favorite mobile email marketing optimization experts for advice on optimizing emails for mobile devices.

Successful marketers are able to integrate all the unique nuances of each marketing channel in order to reach not just a broad audience, but specifically the right audience.

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