Leland Kroll

They're the people who are in charge of buying everything in a university, office complex or government building-from the carpeting to the furniture to the heating system. They're facility managers, and they're the perfect market for anyone selling any product that goes in a building.

by Alicia Orr No one will dispute the fact that testing lists is important. The list has the greatest impact on the success or failure of the mailing. "Whereas creative tests may cause 1.5-percent to 3-percent variations in response, the right or wrong mailing list can sway results by a thousand percent!" suggests David O. Schwartz, president of 21st Century Marketing, a list broker/manager in Farmingdale, NY. But how much should you test and where should you look for list test ideas? The amount of list testing a mailer should do is a direct function of the maturity of its direct mail program, Schwartz

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