Lauren Freedman

With the all-important fourth quarter holiday shopping season quickly approaching, a panel of retail experts doled out some pointers last week to help cross-channel merchants capitalize on the busy months ahead.

Today, with most of retail site traffic being driven “inside” your site, it is imperative that you maximize the selling power of every landing page. Here are a few ways to turn landing page visitors into buyers. 1. Brand. Reinforce your brand through visual elements, company history and credibility, and other pertinent customer service information, such as your toll-free number and guarantee. This makes for a risk-free shopping experience and gives browsers the confidence to become buyers. 2. Prioritize. Note top sellers and feature products, or call out sale items. Icons can be a valuable visual aid for callouts. By singling out specific

What’s the state of customer service in America? Given all the attention this topic generates in a consumer-driven marketplace, you probably don’t need to read the following statistics—but to make a point, we’re going to tell you anyway. Consider that: • A March 2006 study released by JupiterResearch reported that more than half of online consumers are taking their business to other merchants or service providers because of poor online service. Ouch! • The Customer Care Call Center Survey, research conducted over the course of 2005 by Ernan Roman Direct Marketing and based on the feedback of a few hundred direct marketing

Upselling and cross-selling efforts frequently have been used by marketers to increase average order size and to turn single-buyers into multibuyers. A cataloger, for example, might include product descriptions of complementary accessories alongside a photo of a dress. Unlike print catalogs in which space is at a premium, the Internet’s non-linear, electronic environment enables virtually unlimited upselling and cross-selling to generate incremental sales. However, as in print, the key to success is making those referrals relevant. With a focus on the art of merchandising online, the e-tailing group specializes in helping clients improve their multichannel shopping experiences. To determine benchmarks for best-of-breed e-commerce

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