Laura Hillenbrand

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Indra K. Nooyi’s appointment as CEO of Pepsi is a mighty achievement. She joins one of the most exclusive—and pathetically small—clubs of women in the world, those running Fortune 500 corporations: Patricia Woertz, Archer Daniels Midland Co., No. 56, revenue: $35.94 billion. Indra Nooyi (as of Oct. 1), PepsiCo Inc., No. 61, revenue: $32.56 billion Brenda Barnes, Sara Lee Corp., No. 111, revenue: $19.73 billion Mary Sammons, Rite Aid Corp., No. 129, revenue: $16.82 billion Anne Mulcahy, Xerox Corp., No. 142, revenue: $15.7 billion Patricia Russo, Lucent Technologies Inc., No. 255, revenue: $9.44 billion Susan Ivey, Reynolds American Inc., No. 280, revenue: $8.26 billion Andrea Jung, Avon Products Inc., No. 281, revenue:

By Denny Hatch The best nonfiction book I've ever read is Laura Hillenbrand's "Seabiscuit." For a brief period of my life, I spent every Saturday with The Daily Racing Form the way some people do crossword puzzles. I loved studying the past performances, and once in a while a horse would pop out of the numbers as a sure winner, and I would bet a couple of bucks. But mostly it was mental exercise. Several years ago a Midwest circulation group invited me to do a talk on direct marketing, and the meeting was held at Arlington racetrack outside Chicago. I decided my talk

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