Larry Ponemon

Heather Fletcher is senior content editor with Target Marketing.

It's as if marketing experts have been fooling around in the chemistry lab, mixing up potions to try to figure out what strategies will work best. And it seems as though they've discovered the future: integrated, customer-
centric marketing.

A 2005 report on identity fraud released by the Better Business Bureau and Javelin Strategy & Research challenges the assumption that identity theft is largely an online phenomenon. In cases where the victim knows the identity of the perpetrator and the method used to commit the theft, the majority stemmed from offline criminal activity. In addition, the study claims, research supports the position that instances of identity fraud actually are declining. Other research, from the Anti-Phishing Working Group, (APWG) posits that phishing attacks—where fraudulent spam is used to lead recipients to phony Web sites with the goal of eliciting personal financial information for

By Hallie Mummert Target Marketing talks to industry experts about the trends that are shaping the way direct marketers do business. If it feels as if the floor is moving beneath your feet these days, it's not just your nervous knees knocking together as you map out your direct marketing program's path. Major changes in culture, technology and process are occurring that will radically alter today's business model, pushing direct marketing in new directions, too. This business revolution is both information- and customer-driven and, if direct marketers don't catch up with these trends, it could be government-driven. Of the eight industry experts interviewed for

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