Lara Albert

In 2015, personalized marketing at scale will become an achievable goal, contextual intelligence will outshine big data and marketing success will be evaluated by business impact. It will be a year for redefining customer experience through more advanced technologies. And finally, marketers will have what it takes to understand their customers' needs, address those needs in context, and dynamically optimize their marketing efforts to achieve superior performance.

For all of the hype around the fast-evolving space of mobile marketing, mass adoption and widespread success are still far off. The clear advantage of the mobile channel is the ability to interact with each customer on an individual basis at any given time. It's not about achieving the broadest reach; it's about reaching the customers who have the highest propensity of driving value for your business. This transition from a broad-swath marketing approach to one-to-one personalization requires a shift in not only your marketing strategy, but also your underlying data and analytics strategy

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