Kristin Hambelton

Heather Fletcher is senior content editor with Target Marketing.

An email blast is a thing of the past. Marketers must embrace today’s marketing requirements that involve a shift away from generic email marketing, and a move to dynamic, personalized messaging that will engage customers and boost results. Email provides marketers with an easy, low-cost opportunity to connect with consumers, yet this channel can often cause a rift in the customer relationship if not targeted toward individual behaviors and needs. While email lends itself to frequent conversations, irrelevant messaging undermines the potential for dialogue by alienating the customers before they fully engage.

E-mail clickthroughs can be like hubs on bicycle wheels. A lot is going on around them and needs to connect through them in order to deliver its rider to a destination. So direct marketers believe optimizing e-mail clickthrough rates will help them reach their goals of higher sales.

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