Kristen Luidhardt

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"As political professionals, the more data we have, the happier we are," Indianapolis Republican consultant Kristen Luidhardt told The Wall Street Journal."We'd love to know absolutely everything about you."

Au contraire, Kristen. When your communications are as intrusive as your data collection, you’re not only going to spook everybody and piss them off big time, but also trash your brand.

A case in point, Ms. Republican consultant, is the blizzard of robo-calls from floundering, desperate office-seekers―and their spouses and assorted pimps at all hours of the day and evening over the past three weeks―that have only crystallized my contempt for all politicians and all parties.

For the first time in 55 years, I may sit out today’s election. It doesn’t matter who wins any more. They’re all a bunch of four-flushers in my book.

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