Kim Krause Schwalm

When a Little Tweak Won't Do, Your Offer Continues to Prove its Mettle and Your Copy is King, Go for the Gusto With a Format Change By Hallie Mummert From the minute they become controls, winning direct mail packages start their slow—or not so slow—descent into diminished response. The easiest course of action is to make minor tweaks to prolong the effectiveness of the control: change the outer envelope, add a sticker token, or spiff up the offer a tad with a premium or discount. Short of testing brand new creative, a change in format is a more radical move that could pay

KCI's Personal Finance looks beyond the self-mailer and wins big By Paul Barbagallo Never underestimate the impact of a #10 carrier-envelope format—"old faithful" to veteran direct mail practitioners—even if you're an investment-newsletter publisher. That's precisely what freelance copywriter Kim Krause Schwalm would assert after her component package for KCI Communications' Personal Finance beat the existing control—her own issue-log self-mailer. While Schwalm and KCI found steady success in the mail stream with the issue-log—which resembles a cross between a magalog and a specimen-newsletter issue—the #10 format was ever-enticing. In early 2003, Personal Finance decided to test an acquisition package that included a four-color brochure

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