Kevin Kelleher

Kevin Kelleher leads marketing for Return Path Consumer Insight line of business. He helps people see how data can be used to make smarter decisions. In his spare time, Kevin enjoys running, reading and fencing.

Having existed quite literally since the dawn of the Internet, conventional email marketing is in this latter-most stage, optimization. The smartest companies today are optimizing the performance of both individual campaigns and programs to boost performance and reduce costs. Here are five key areas where progressive marketers are leading the way by applying email optimization to deliver stronger results.

A lot has changed since 2012 (let alone 2008), and those running for president have many options for reaching various constituencies. One thing that hasn't changed is the importance of email, which remains the primary means of communication for those seeking the White House.

Most marketers know by now that welcome emails are not a luxury, but a necessity — and yet a number of prominent brands may be missing their opportunity to make a first impression. A recent report by Return Path showed that only 75 of the top 100 retail companies employed a welcome email of any kind (only three of those had a comprehensive welcome series!). Here's how to improve your email marketing program by employing and analyzing smart welcome messages:

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