Kerrie Thornton

With the USPS enacting a 5.9 percent increase across all mailing types, the largest rate hike for print mailings since 2007, catalog mailers are being forced to consider new strategies. Rather than dramatically reducing circulation and frequency, or jumping to less established online marketing channels, one option that’s attracting renewed interest is the “Mini Slim Catalog.” Despite having fewer pages than full catalogs, mini catalogs allow companies to cut mailing and production costs without sacrificing circulation or frequency. The catalogs mail at the cost of a standard automated letter, and provide up to 10 pages to promote products.

If the largest USPS print mailing rate hike since 2007 survives industry appeals, a 5.9 percent increase across all mailing types will likely force many catalog mailers to consider new strategies, as it is doubtful they will be able to pass this increase on to their customers. While some catalog mailers might increase use of less-established online options, print remains one of the most productive marketing channels. A better way to help offset the rate hike may be to experiment with a new category of direct mail: the much lower cost mini catalog

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