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Heather Fletcher is senior content editor with Target Marketing.

Call it learning from others' mistakes. Call it schadenfreude. Whatever marketers call it, iMedia Connection dubs it "Destructive Marketing Habits of Major Brands." That's the headline for Kyle Montero's article on what not to do in marketing.

Kenneth Cole has become one of the first brands to offer a Google Glass app with 21 Days, 21 Deeds. The app, as you might guess, challenges users to do that many good deeds in a three-week period, using Glass to take photos as proof. Users are encouraged to use the hashtag #manupformankind and post the photos to Twitter. As Creativity Online points out though, you can just take the photos with your smartphone (or even — gasp — a camera) and post them on Twitter.

It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it’s a QR Code being pulled by an airplane … Admit it; you just want to have a QR Code. You can’t even help yourself. They’re shiny and new. They show that you and your business are on the cutting edge of tech. Experts are telling you that you need to have one. The thing is, we need to be doing things in business because we should, not only because we can. QR Codes are selfish. Just look at this QR Code being pulled behind a plane. Seriously? How selfish can you

William Randolph Hearst, who had no fear of stretching the truth to its breaking point, would shake his head in amazement if he could see what happens on social media. Sensationalizing newspaper stories to increase circulation has been replaced with controversy-stoking fires designed to increase page views and clicks. Truth in commentary is optional. "Yellow journalism," as it was once called, affects more than website traffic and print circulation. It can be used to alter brand image by manipulating social platforms, search engines and traditional news outlets. If the company doesn't respond or responds poorly, the results can be long lasting and lethal.

Forget Hollywood horror films and haunted houses. Those working in B2B marketing have their own special blend of anxieties and fears. Things like typos in big campaigns, mis-fired tweets and screwed up presentations are enough to scare even the most competent marketer. Today, we spotlight 10 marketing nightmares – and explain how you can avoid them.
1. Showing Up to a Webinar with the Wrong Deck ...

2. Sending a Big Email Campaign to “Dear First Name” ...

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