Ken Wisnefski

Heather Fletcher is senior content editor with Target Marketing.

I’ve always been a fan of hockey — a gritty, unapologetic free-for-all on ice. And now Philadelphia, where I live, has a mascot for the Flyers that embodies all of that — with the Kim Kardashian imitation pose tweet to prove it. And “Gritty” is going viral for that very reason. Absurd and outrageous branding and marketing efforts like these are what the Internet loves to hate.

During the past few years, as social media has become a bigger part of the digital marketing picture, there have been several highly publicized social media blunders by big brands. The most recent examples are the @Patriots tweet and U.S. Airways' graphic photo, which someone managing the airline company's Twitter account accidentally tweeted to a customer.

New, ad-free Facebook competitor Ello is seemingly being greeted with skepticism by marketing insiders, mainly because Google+ couldn't usurp Facebook, niche sites didn't displace it and users' privacy concerns aren't stopping "1.32 billion monthly active users as of June 30, 2014" from networking there. These criticisms aren't stopping Ello from having "tens of thousands of people on a growing waiting list" who want to join the invitation-only site, still in beta, that is so new it has a privacy policy dated June 20, 2014.

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