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For fans of “The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy,” the meaning of life is 42. For email marketers, it may be 6.21. Or not, according to Tim Watson of Zettasphere Limited.

For years, email marketers have relied on a metric that was thought to be a rock-solid indicator of two things: That the number of clicks or opens could be translated as a measure of engagement, and that by pruning dead subscribers from a list, and thereby increasing your engagement, your reputation with ISPs would be increased. However, Dela Quist—the CEO of London-based email marketing agency AlchemyWorx—shook up the email marketing world, as reported by Ken Magill this week, by challenging the long-held doctrine of not emailing to inactive subscribers.

Inertia rules, so there's no way most Canadian email recipients took action to continue receiving marketing emails, claims Ken Magill of The Magill Report. The email marketing thought leader was opining about survey results released on Tuesday by the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) and Ipsos Reid. The poll found that 67 percent

Alexander Pope is making a 21st Century comeback. I'd love to be in Google's conference room as the team there decides just how to adhere to a European court's decision that European citizens have a right to be forgotten (on Google). Or what about email? A UK court just took a British retailer to task—John Lewis—for having a pre-checked form box for new customers that permits an email communication to the paying customer, along with an easy-to-use opt-out

Are you hounded by email pitches offering access to all kinds of prospective business targets? I am, and I hate it. As a B-to-B marketer, I am always interested in new customer data sources, so I feel compelled to at least give them a listen. So, over time, I have come up with a nine-point assessment strategy to help marketers determine the likely legitimacy of a potential vendor, using approaches that can be replicated by anyone, at arm's length.

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