Keith Goodman

"Everytime something else came along," says Keith Goodman, "the futurists would say 'oh, now this is definitely going to kill direct mail. But here we are, after the radio ad, and the television ad, and the Internet, and email marketing, and the banner ad, and content marketing and so on and so forth." And, year upon year, direct mail continues to be an integral part of almost every well-rounded direct marketing campaign.

Smart, effective marketing starts with a plan. This quick and easy campaign planner developed by direct marketing expert Keith Goodman, will jump start your next mailer or promotion and help put the power of direct mail to work for your business.

Every month, I sit down with Paul Bobnak at a big round table in our archive, and we pour over the mail. We spot some trends, and inevitably see some outstanding mail alongside some, well, lousy iterations. One format that's here to stay is the self-mailer, including the postcard and any mailing that isn't contained in a typical envelope (or box). It's no big mystery why they continue to be mailed.

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The key to any successful marketing "conversation" and PURL campaign is its creative, of course. Does the copy and design engage the prospect? Does it grab her attention right away with the right combination of copy and images? Does the PURL stand out? Does the creative behind it prompt the prospect to visit her PURL?

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