Karen Wright

By Sharon Cole It's a bird, it's a plane ... wait, it is a plane ... sort of. It's Southwest Airlines sending a birthday greeting to one of its frequent flyers. And this year the company--known for its affordable airfare and friendly style--opted for a 1950s-ish, Superman cartoon design to attract the attention of its recipients (Archive code #510-605109-0507). From the way the crowd is positioned on the front of the envelope, it looks as if the characters are staring and pointing directly at the recipient's name. This is just the kind of personal attention Southwest takes pride in giving its

By Abny Santicola Like David challenging Goliath, so seems Southwest Airlines' recent foray into the Philadelphia air-travel market, long dominated by US Airways. In its effort to rival US Air, Southwest has employed the modern day business equivalent of sling and stone—an all-out direct marketing campaign called "Ding," which emphasizes the freedom Southwest affords travelers. One element of the campaign—a 6" x 11" self-mailer aimed at current and prospective members of Southwest's Rapid Rewards program—showed up in the Who's Mailing What! Archive last month featuring some of the more innovative creative seen lately (510SOUAIR0504). The front cover of the mailing features a colorful illustration

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