Julie Perry

As of January 2014, 74 percent of Internet users are active on social networks, according to Pew Research. That percent, which has surely grown over the past 12 months, proves that social media is not a channel marketers can ignore. But how do you coordinate social strategies with the other channels you market in? Digital marketing expert Julie Perry will answer this question and more.

During this fast-paced webinar, you'll learn how to blend social media marketing strategies with your existing outbound and direct marketing campaigns to:

· Amp up your direct mail campaigns by bringing prospects online and engaging them with sharable content.
· Give your online marketing efforts a boost by amplifying killer content and special offers on LinkedIn.
· Maximize your next tradeshow or networking event by harnessing the power of Twitter and Twitter Lists.
· Grow your email list and increase brand engagement with social media contests.

Following Julie's presentation, Paige Musto of Act-On will share a 5-minute case study titled "Social Media Strategies to Drive Website Leads."

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There's a glut of text on the Web. Video lets marketers cut through that clutter and get their messages on the first page of search results and to a featured status on social networks. But many marketers don't know how to begin creating videos, and worry their inexpert efforts will reflect negatively on the brand. Julie Perry of BLASTMedia recently spoke on the Target Marketing webinar "Video Killed the SEM Star: A simple strategy for search and social marketing success," and many of those questions came up during the live Q&A. Here's the advice she gave regarding three of them:

There's a glut of text on the web. Any search term you enter likely has several hundred thousand pages devoted to it and enough social media static to drown out new content and messages. Video enables marketers to cut through all of that clutter and get your message on the first page of search results and featured status on social networks. Plus, it gives you access to YouTube-the second largest search engine in the world and one of the largest social networks as well.

In this webinar, join social media maven and video guru Julie Perry to learn:

  • Why an online video strategy is crucial to today's online marketing
  • Tips for producing videos that will attract and keep fans and subscribers-even without a video camera.
  • How to optimize your videos for traffic and lead generation, SEO benefits, and profit
  • Simple, proven strategies to attract targeted YouTube audiences in the thousands and tens-of-thousands
  • How your YouTube channel can become your #1 social networking tool

She'll also explain advanced video marketing tactics such as:
  • 6 ways to get traffic from YouTube to your website, blog or other key online goals
  • How to leverage free interactive transcripts, promoted videos and call-to-action opportunities to gain tons of targeted traffic-for pennies on the dollar of what you might spend on PPC

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