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Jon Hamilton is president and principal of JHA Telemanagement, a telemarketing consultancy and part of direct marketing consulting group JCG Ltd.

By Hallie Mummert When you attach your livelihood to a particular industry, you can become a bit myopic about its value to the world. I feel that way about direct marketing quite often. It's difficult to put on my consumer's hat these days, mostly because it doesn't fit the same way it used to—I'm too aware of how direct marketing campaigns are created. What's more, I know many people involved with direct marketing, and none of them are sleazy or greedy or insensitive or any of the other negative characteristics the general media has used to describe them. But even I can admit

For some in the telemarketing industry, the Federal Trade Commission's creation of the National Do-Not-Call Registry was a call to arms. For telemarketing consultant Jon Hamilton, president and principal of JHA Telemanagement, it was a wake-up call. "The number of unduplicated households on the do-not-call list today is 42 million to 44 million, according to sources I know who've analyzed the file," says Hamilton. "We're heading to 60 percent to 70 percent of all U.S. households being on the list. Without permission marketing, consumer telemarketing will cease to be an effective marketing tool." At the time this interview with Hamilton

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