Joy Gendusa

Despite direct mail being a so-called "traditional" marketing approach, it has had its own technological advances of late—advances that fundamentally change the way prospects engage with your message. The advances come in the form of unique ways to customize your piece, and even the ability to personalize your piece with data about the recipient. I'll look at both topics in more depth

Everyone who uses direct mail needs to know this. If shouting it from the top of a mountain would help, I'd do it. But writing this article seems more effective. Here's the deal: Your mailing list is the most important part of your direct mail campaign. "Really?" You say. "Surely it's the design ... or the copywriting?" No. It's the mailing list. And here's why

Anytime you see a truly exceptional business, you are sure to find a "unique selling proposition" (USP)—something that sets that company apart from the competition and defines it in the minds of consumers. In this article, you'll learn:
• How to create something unique and amazing about your business.
• How to separate yourself from your competitors.
• How to distill your unique offering into a simple USP.

Email newsletters are a great marketing tool for small businesses. Want proof? In 2007, MarketingSherpa published a ConAgra Foods case study illustrating 34.25 percent more product sales from consumers who subscribed to email newsletters vs. non-subscribers. Email is still an incredibly popular form of communication, even in the age of social media. Using an email newsletter to get consistent brand exposure to quality prospects and current customers is a proven way to bring in more revenue for your company.

 In a rare positive story from the business sector these days, PostcardMania, a full service marketing firm based in Clearwater, Florida, recorded the highest sales for one month in the company’s history last month. “In September, we were able to beat our previous highest month, January of 2009, by 4.7%,” says Rob Bradshaw, VP of Sales. “That’s an incredible number

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