Joshua Bains

Joshua Bains is a Content Marketing Specialist at Atlanta, Georgia-based Eclipse Web Media, a digital media marketing agency. He can be reached at

Just like pictures of Santa have changed since 1923, so have the ways we use pictures in advertising. There’s Claude Hopkins’ way and most everyone else’s. This week’s chapter of "Scientific Advertising" — Art in Advertising — highlights the difference between the two schools: direct response and branding.

We’re all inoculated against "The Best." Writing that you or your service are the best without data or anecdotal evidence brands you a marketing hack. "Best" and "Greatest" are at best passed over without notice. (See?) And half the time we simply won’t believe you. (Really ... exactly half the time?)

Claude Hopkins explains: “The salesman wastes much of his time on prospects whom he can never hope to interest.” Despite being there in person, there is no way to attract the wrong handsome stranger - even when your pitch cannot be ignored.

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