Josh Constine

Heather Fletcher is senior content editor with Target Marketing.

Tech stocks may tank today, largely due to Facebook’s below-expected-growth Q2 earnings report, and analysts are blaming the recent data debacle. Marketers who still don’t have a handle on data privacy may see this as a bellwether and get their houses in order.

Just as Facebook announces mass messaging capabilities for business speaking with customers on Facebook Messenger, the social network is creating a closed ecosystem for children. But it’s not all bad news for marketers.

Facebook is about to launch a new advertising program called Facebook Exchange, which could not only be a massively profitable venture for the company, but according to them, could improve the relevancy of the ads that you and I see on a daily basis. The premise of Facebook Exchange is pretty simple: When you visit a site (other than Facebook) and spend some time looking at a product, but don’t make the final purchase—that third-party site will be able to follow you to Facebook and target you there with a highly specialized ad.

If you haven’t noticed, Facebook has been making a whole lot of changes lately. Many of them—and certainly the most talked about ones—have been based on the main news feed experience. However, there have been some other lower profile changes to Pages. Still, as lower-profile as they may be, they could help businesses grow their Pages tremendously in the long run.

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