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For advertisers during the World Cup, hashtags are becoming as valuable as 30-second commercials. With few breaks in action during a soccer match, advertisers are embracing social media as a stand-in for the 30-second commercial that dominates the Super Bowl, Olympics and World Series. U.S. advertisers spent $378 million on marketing products during soccer telecasts last year, a 43 percent increase from 2010, when the prior games were held, according to a study published by Nielsen on Monday

Those who know me know that I'm passionate about a lot of things when it comes to the world of marketing, advertising, branding and social media. From the latest campaign for Brand X to the latest techno-advance, I want learn about it and, in some cases, write about it. But perhaps what truly gets my passion meter on the rise is when I hear of a brand doing something for the betterment of all of us. That's why Johnson & Johnson has me so excited.

Robert Halper, director of video communication for Johnson & Johnson, shares the story and strategy behind the company’s successful social media activities. You’ll learn how Johnson & Johnson’s social media communication isn't just about the brand and how it creates awareness with YouTube videos.

The economics of emotion are so powerful in driving consumers to buy, pay more and spread the word that leading companies are already replacing customer satisfaction with “emotional connection” as a KPI. New solutions that tap into and measure human emotion are spawning, and emotion has become a trending topic in Silicon Valley with venture capitalists like Vinod Khosla actively watching this space. Let’s take a look at several solutions forming around emotion, making it more accessible and actionable:

I remember visiting a very wealthy friend who had a splendid estate right on the water in Marblehead, Mass. The path from the house to the tennis court went through a stand of pine trees where a collection of tiny gravestones lined the walkway. It was a pet cemetery—the burial ground for family dogs and cats going back to the 19th century. Pet owners become deeply attached to their animals, and the joint suicide of a childless couple in India over the passing of a beloved canine may be extreme, but entirely believable. “Puppy” was very likely the only family they felt that they

My doctor put me on Nexium—one capsule a day. Since I am paying for the new drug coverage from Medicare, I don’t think about the cost. I swipe my credit card, sign away $87 for 90 pills, take the container and go home. Then I glanced at the receipt and saw the following: Eckerd regular cash price would have been: $463.05. I blinked and re-read the number. More than $5 for each of those teeny purple capsules! Unbelievable! With these things being produced in the hundreds of millions, the actual cost per pill is maybe 10¢. If so, the $5 price tag per

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