John Murphy

Heather Fletcher is senior content editor with Target Marketing.

Direct marketers may think they've heard it all and know it all about getting in the inbox. But that knowledge of email deliverability is so last month. Now it's about staying in the inbox. With email service providers (ESPs) paying close attention to whether recipients actually want the messages they're getting, marketers have to step up engagement and reputation in order for deliverability to remain high.

ReachMail, a Chicago-based email marketing service provider, is making it even easier for marketers to execute email campaigns with the implementation of its new application programming interface (API). Marketers can connect their other existing business software, such as databases or customer relationship management ( CRM | PowerRating New CRM integration through ReachMail's API will automatically update organizations' systems with the results of each email campaign, providing marketers with the option to track history by customer to measure individual engagement of each message. By exposing various components and core functions of ReachMail, users are able to create custom applications that

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