John McDermott

Heather Fletcher is senior content editor with Target Marketing.

Google may be positioning itself to both sell its Google Display Network ads to marketers and be the only entity that can tell those marketers how well the ads are performing. In the meantime, the vendors that now fill that measurement space in the data management platform (DMP) industry, such as Oracle Data Cloud, may be pushed out by Google's new rules within three months. Digiday talked to marketers and agency representatives who are very worried that a Google monopoly would be biased about its ad effectiveness reporting.

Gadget geeks were atwitter Monday, excited that Apple Pay may be integrated with iAd—meaning marketers can add a "Buy" button to mobile ads. The buttons may be available in time for the Holiday 2014 rush, writes John McDermott of Digiday. "Buy buttons in iAd would become even more compelling when combined with iAd's new retargeting feature"

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